Gedicht der Woche [KW 18]:




Don’t promise – but prove
Don’t stand still – but move
Don’t always be tame – but also be wild
Sometimes a grown-up – sometimes a child


Don’t ever be sorry – but reflected
Don’t welcome evil – but reject it
Don’t be stupid – but be wise
No pretending – no disguise


Don’t hesitate – just do 
Don’t lie – but be true
Don’t be too modest – but do wear that crown
Never look back – never down


Don’t focus on failure – but value success
Don’t question your virtues – but the shit you possess
Don’t pile up dull things – but experience instead 
Always on the look-out – always ahead


Don’t just guess – but strive to know
Don’t stay small – but constantly grow
Don’t always refuse – but try to be open
Never be torn – never be broken


Don’t try never failing – but learning instead
Don’t let bad moods rule you – but up with your head
Don’t cry over nothings – try perspective for a change
Even if it’s a challenge – even if it’s strange


Don’t keep liars near – but bond with the faithful
Don’t always complain – but also be grateful
Don’t cling to what broke you – but please learn the lesson
It’s no good the tears – it’s no good the stressing


Don’t dream your life – but make it happen
Don’t drown in sadness – but just keep on laughing
Don’t take life too seriously – but to yourself be true
There’s only one life – there’s only one you


2017 © Susanne Kämmerer



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