Gedicht der Woche [KW 02]:

Night Terror


It all starts with a feeling

As if somebody’s there

As if something is moving -

Did you see that – right there?

And your heart now starts racing

A million times its own speed

While time seems to slow down -

A really bitchy move indeed…


Then there’s that damn nasty prickle

In the back of your neck

As if someone's right behind you,

But you don’t dare to check

As if someone's closely watching

In the corner of your eye

Like a constant observer -

But never passing by


And the world does look

Quite different at night

Some things freak you out

That by day seemed alright

And that shadow of that flower

Down by the door

Now seems like a ghost

Wrought upon the floor


And it is the sound of silence

Driving you mad -

The sounds silence makes

When you’re in your bed:

All’s amplified by a thousand

In the dead of the night

All’s blood-curlingly creaky

In the shade of moonlight


And all your senses are sharpened

Your instincts all up -

But still you’re all anxious

Like a sweet little pup….

And you close your trembling eyes

With a wish inside your head:

That they won’t come crawling

From underneath your bed


2018 © Susanne Kämmerer





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