Gedicht der Woche [KW 03]:



Rapist Pig


Have you ever given much thought
About the things you would do
To that scum that got caught
Raping boys and girls, too?


Well, here is what I'd do,
But please: Don't be shocked.
I'm sure you'd agree to
The proposals I got:


I would "fuck with you" BIG time,
You disgusting, little bitch
And for the sake of this rhyme
I would drown you in a ditch.


But that would be too easy -
Don't you think, my dear?
And I'd want to, believe me,
Make you feel real fear.


First, you would taste what it feels like
To be all alone,
To be the toy of a sick psych
Who thinks you're his own.


I would chain you up
And I'd hide the keys
Feeling all grown up...


And I'd do what you've done
To that little kid -
Would that not be fun?
NO? Not even a bit?


It's not all that bad -
Don't you think, my dear?
Deep down you want that,
So, stop your fake tears!


Then I'd take a sharp knife
Slicing off your tiny toy.
The mere thought is real nice
And it gives me real joy.


And once I'm done, oh, I would
(I thought about this a lot)
Drag you to the woods
Where I'd leave you to rot.


2018 © Susanne Kämmerer




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