Gedicht der Woche 


Genesis reversed


The world has a fever

It’s clever, you see:

It’s killing the infection -

And the infection is ‘we’.


And if that doesn’t help?

Don’t worry, my dear:

We’ll find our own way

To destroy us, I fear.


Our rivers are dead.

All of them stink,

But we don’t need no blood

To be unable to drink.


There’s radioactive pollution

And poisonous skies.

They tell you it’s harmless -

But that is all lies.


Our cattle are dying,

The soil is bone dry

And we have the cheeks

To ask ourselves ‘Why?’!


Is that arrogance or ignorance?

I really don’t know…

Maybe it is stupidity -

With potential to grow.


Cos we do know about

The ‘causes and actions’

Between venom and death -

We can make the connection.


But as long as we’re greedy

And turn a blind eye

To the damage we’re causing

Then we deserve to die.


We’re abusing creation

And create life anew.

We clone seeds and beasts

Without knowing what we do.


And as Shakespeare once said,

And I second it, friends:

These violent delights

Have violent ends.


And if we’re lucky and

Nature won’t bring us down,

Then it’s a big red button

Next to a stupid blond clown.


It’s Genesis reversed

With ashes and dust.

Day eight on the schedule-

And all will be crushed.


2018 © Susanne Kaemmerer




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