Gedicht der Woche [KW 15]:


Turn back the clock


If I could turn back the clock

And change the things I regret,

I would do the following -

So let’s just push “Reset”:


My priorites’d be different

And this concerns a lot:

People, actions, way of living

And opportunities I got.


I’d stop working that much!

My heart’s pleasure’d come first,

And I would pursue my dreams

In order to still that inner thirst.


I’d stop caring for people

Who don’t care about me.

That’s a waste of my time -

And I think you’d agree.


I would be much more daring

Cos: What is there to lose?

If I failed or got hurt:

I’d gladly take that bruise


I’d appreciate the moment,

Make every second count

Cos of those precious moments

There is a limited amount


And I’d value what I’ve got and

Bid farewell to a misguide:

Cos grass is not really greener

On the other side


And I wouldn't give a shit

About the opinions of others

(only of those who don’t count –

Not of sisters and brothers)


I would spend much more time 

(And not just make do)

With the people I love -

And that includes you


2018 © Susanne Kämmerer





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Laut der Jury der Bibliothek deutschsprachige Gedichte "beherrsche ich mein Handwerk". Ist doch nett... :)


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