"Poesie ist Wahrheit, die in Schönheit wohnt."

(Robert Gilfillan, 1798-1850)


"Poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking."

(John Wain)


Ode to my muse


Like a disease sown within me lies

nurturing what preserves the ill:
a constant longing, never still
leaving me a stranger
to my own mind - and will


I am
   a walking wounded
   a captive
   by sickly forced choice


My heart ripped open left to bleed –
it keeps racing, singing self-indulgently
with baffled, never resting admiration and
a permanence enduring a million years


For what I need
      is longing
an ever-crying heart
and for you to be my muse
to keep my armor at my feet
with no intent to guard


For your worst
brings out the best in me…


I need
   to fall
   to feel the pain
   to be entrapped
          to unleash what’s inside


Never hear me
Never heal me
│imprison me│for life
let every breath I take
turn into a million humble sighs
forever serenading you with the smoothest words
a poet EVER put to verse


2014 © Susanne Kämmerer



Night Terror


It all starts with a feeling
As if somebody’s there
As if something is moving -
Did you see that: right there? 

And your heart now starts racing

A million times its own speed
While time seems to slow down -
A really bitchy move indeed…


Then there’s that damn nasty prickle 
In the back of your neck 
As if someone's right behind you, 
But you don’t dare to check
As if someone's closely watching 
In the corner of your eye
Like a constant observer -
But never passing by


And the world does look 
Quite different at night 
Some things freak you out
That by day seemed alright
And that shadow of that flower
Down by the door
Now seems like a ghost
Wrought upon the floor


And it is the sound of silence
Driving you mad -
The sounds silence makes
When you’re in your bed:
All’s amplified by a thousand
In the dead of the night
All’s blood-curlingly creaky 
In the shade of moonlight


And all your senses are sharpened
Your instincts all up -
But still you’re all anxious
Like a sweet little pup….
And you close your trembling eyes
With a wish inside your head:
That they won’t come crawling
From underneath your bed


2018 © Susanne Kämmerer



The things I thought I’d never do


Never cheat 
And never lie
Or wish for someone else to die


Never give up
And stop believing
Or stand opposed a world deceiving


Never be broken
And ripped apart
Or have to mend my broken heart 


Never grow old -
But be young forever
And never have to face Death - ever


Never suffer
And never fall
Or struggle to get up at all


Never lose
And never fail 
Or into wrong directions sail


Never look back
And mourn the past
Or ask time not to go that fast


Never forget -
But remember forever 
And never have to leave you - ever


Never be scared
And never be scarred
Or completely be thrown off my guard 


Never regret 
And never mistaken
Or be haunted by the road not taken


Never lose focus
Or never slow down 
And accept life with a grimmy frown 

2017 © Susanne Kämmerer 





Don’t promise – but prove
Don’t stand still – but move
Don’t always be tame – but also be wild
Sometimes a grown-up – sometimes a child


Don’t ever be sorry – but reflected
Don’t welcome evil – but reject it
Don’t be stupid – but be wise
No pretending – no disguise


Don’t hesitate – just do 
Don’t lie – but be true
Don’t be too modest – but do wear that crown
Never look back – never down


Don’t focus on failure – but value success
Don’t question your virtues – but the shit you possess
Don’t pile up dull things – but experience instead 
Always on the look-out – always ahead


Don’t just guess – but strive to know
Don’t stay small – but constantly grow
Don’t always refuse – but try to be open
Never be torn – never be broken


Don’t try never failing – but learning instead
Don’t let bad moods rule you – but up with your head
Don’t cry over nothings – try perspective for a change
Even if it’s a challenge – even if it’s strange


Don’t keep liars near – but bond with the faithful
Don’t always complain – but also be grateful
Don’t cling to what broke you – but please learn the lesson
It’s no good the tears – it’s no good the stressing


Don’t dream your life – but make it happen
Don’t drown in sadness – but just keep on laughing
Don’t take life too seriously – but to yourself be true
There’s only one life – there’s only one you


2017 © Susanne Kämmerer






People keep saying that
Dreams do come true
But what they forget’s that:
Nightmares are dreams, too


And when they wish you ‘Good Night’
They wish for ‘tight sleep’
For no monsters to stoke fright
Or to howl, kill or creep


But little do they know just
How ‘tight’ sleep can be
When your door - with mighty thrust
Flings open - without key


If every real dream’s an echo
Of your  heart’s true desire
One you should never let go
And its pursuit you aspire:


What then are nightmares
But a climax of terror
A set of unanswered prayers
And of your worst fears a mirror


You’re replaying events
Some real and some not
Some riddle with no ends
And with solutions - not


But some nightmares don’t stop
And for those people I weep
Cos it’s hard to wake up
When you’re not even asleep


2017 © Susanne Kämmerer



A writer’s lot


Writing is solitude.
You are mostly alone.
But inside your head
An entire universe forms.
All creations like puppets
That you play on a string
That you know inside out
And command like a thing.
But yet they have power
To surprise you still
And when along comes the hour
Then trust me: They will.


You are never really just
ONE person alone.
And the one thing you must
Is: you have to condone.
Your mind’s like a whore:
Never truly faithful,
And also: not a bore
And exceptionally playful.
A mind - never resting
And without remorse.
A mind - never questioning
Its inexhaustible source.


With a mind oscillating between
What is real and what not
You become quite keen
Of what is next on the plot.
And here lie the dangers
For every writer, I say:
We might become strangers
Losing ourselves on the way.
For in our lives - unlike any other -
Different faces we wear,
And we don’t really bother
And we don’t really care.


Writing does bleed you dry
And it is worth a notion:
No matter how hard you try:
You can’t escape your emotion…
Cos inside your brain
You will die every death,
You will endure every pain,
You will feel every wrath!
For before you can truly
Make others believe
You have to know fully
About sorrow and grief.


2017 © Susanne Kämmerer




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